Mobitel - Launch of new B2B telecommunication company

Former TDC Erhvervscenter Odense will on the 1st of May 2020 change its name to Mobitel and step out of the TDC Group. The center was the biggest out of 13 centers. The strategically heavy and digitally focused bureau Brems & Co. has been at the head of developing their new strategy from vision, mission, positioning and Value Propositions to the name, logo and slogan – and the launch. The launch includes branding and customer films, a new website – combined with an intensive PR and online effort with a strong focus on lead-generation.

Creating a new strong brand without the TDC name

Mobitel originated as a 19-year collaboration with TDC as TDC Erhvervscenter, so the biggest challenge with the task was that they had to start all over with their branding, communication and brand awareness – for a brand-new concept – without having the TDC name behind them.

“From the very start, the focus of the task was on getting close to the people behind, the culture, the values, the market and the needs of the customer – while developping a positioning, a name and a visual identity that would simply and effectively communicate Mobitel as a new – but established – player in the industry” says Martin Brems, the originator of the concept and strategic director at Brems & Co.

"Make it simple" behind the strategy and launch

”With one of Denmark’s strongest telecommunication-profiles for industry and a very high level of ambition, Mobitel has all the qualifications for being successful with their new venture. They are truly unique in the market – and dare to be big and visionary thinkers – and they can live up to it”.

The strategi and campaign are based on deep insights into customers, partners and the company – which has made all the difference, Martin Brems continues:

“The obvious direction and positioning quickly became clear. Mobitel is the only company in the industry that can deliver a total solution. It is completely unique and makes business-to-business telecommunication much simpler for companies. Companies want clear, transparent complete solutions. That is why the strategy and positioning with the tangible pay-off “Gør erhvervstelefoni enkelt” was right for them.

It's about selling the relationships

Simultaneously, the analyses highlighted a strong focus on the people behind and the close relations and intimacy, rather than a focus on price and product range. Martin Brems continues: “In the current business-to-business market, it is extremely difficult to differentiate yourself based on products and services alone – It is about relationships. The more authentic you are, the stronger you will stand. Employees make that difference – no matter what products and services you sell”.

Ole Folmer, founder and director of Mobitel, concludes: “We are very satisfied with our new strategy, name, logo, pay-off and identity. It feels exactly right and matches who we are – and the ambitions we have. That has been one of the most important parts of the process. It has been a pleasure to work with Martin and his entire team at Brems & Co. They managed to quickly get really close to our business, ambitions, market and customers – and boiled it down to something we are very proud of bringing to market on May 1st”.

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