The collaboration with Martin Brems and his whole team has been outstanding. Absolutely fantastic. Fourteen days after launching the campaign, we were blown away by interest.

Susanne Blix

Development Director, BoligGruppen A/S

The task

In 2017, BoligGruppen initiated their idea of developing an office building in Odense for IT companies. It was in connection with this project that BoligGruppen contacted Brems & Co. with a desire to develop a strategy and communication platform for the office building with an identity, name and logo as well as a plan for its launch.

Brems & Co. took us on a journey where we learned a lot about our target group, vision, mission and what value we want to provide for our customers.

Susanne Blix

Development Director, BoligGruppen A/S

The strategy

The process of developing a strategy and communication platform was based on interviews with the office buildings desired target group: potential renters and decision-makers in IT companies.

Through workshops with BoligGruppen, the idea and ambition developed into an entire constellation of offices. Tech Town Odense was born. Next to the new office building were 4 other offices that could naturally be included in Tech Town Odense. The new strategy for BoligGruppen and Tech Town Odense consisted of a new ambitious vision for the entire area, its positioning, the names of the 5 offices and the differentiating Value Propositions with focus on Tech Scale-Ups.

The keywords and Value Propositions for the strategy were ‘Convenience’, ‘Scale Up’ and ‘Feel Like Home’.

Tech Town Odense was to be a place for IT companies with amazing surroundings and space for both business and pleasure.

The development of the visual identity was based on the star universe, as the target group for Tech Town Odense is rising “stars”. Consequently, the slogan naturally became “Home for Tech Stars”.

In addition to strategy and visual design, a branding video and website were developed. Since its launch in May 2019, Tech Town Odense has been marketed massively via content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in addition to advertising combined with a Google AdWords campaign.

The result

The result for Tech Town Odense has been overwhelming. They were blown away by interest 14 days after launching. After 3 months, BoligGruppen was already 8-12 months further ahead in terms of qualifying leads and renters for the area – compared to the way they normally work.

Name and Logo

Name & Logo


”Tech Town Odense” is to be a national tech-area that provides the right setting for regional Scale-Up tech-companies to become international successes


Develop a nationally acknowledged tech area, which creates the right settings for regional Tech Scale Ups to become international successes


We want to be known for offering the best facilities in a stimulating tech-community for Scale-Up tech-companies in Denmark

Value Proposition

– Feel like home
– Convenience
– Scale up


Home for tech stars

Branding movie

Visual Design

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • Branding

Reference movie

“When we were presented with Brems & Co.'s work, we were absolutely speechless. We had never imagined ourselves ending up there. It is a project and an identity we are very proud of.”

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Should we help you as well? Call Martin at +4560257572

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