The collaboration with Brems & Co. has really moved our business to the place we would like it to be. We are far more focused on what we need with our business, and how we can get there. Our customers are also far more aware of who we are and what we stand for.

Ole K. Neckelmann

Co-founder & Commercial Director, Trivision

The task

TriVision has developed high-end solutions for vision-based quality control, primarily for the food industry and the pharma industry, since 1999.

In 2016, VækstPartner Kapital with Klaus Bülow Davidsen as operational partner joined. They were to help TriVision scale up their business through a product-oriented business model, strengthened proactive commercial approach, updated profiling and an organization primed for growth. In continuation hereof, they initiated a strategy and marketing process, in which Brems & Co. was chosen as a partner.

We had a number of dialogues with various agencies, but Brems & Co. were the ones who had the right approach for us. They were analytical and they had the skills and the desire to challenge our company.

Klaus Bülow Davidsen

Partner, Trivision

The strategy

The first phase consisted of a series of market and customer analyses, which included personal interviews with management, selected customers, partners and experts from similar industries. A number of workshops were then conducted with management and the new co-owners, facilitated by Brems & Co.

Through the analyses and the workshops, it became clear that TriVision was perceived as one of the technologically best in the industry. It also became clear that a high-end position, combined with user-friendliness, was available, obvious and would have a competitive advantage for TriVision.

The website, logo and visual identity were redesigned with a focus on high-end products, the robot eye and user-friendliness. The slogan “Vision beyond imagination” was developed to solidify TriVision’s position as one of the technologically best in the industry.

We focused intensively on digital marketing to increase lead generation in an industry that typically does not use that channel much.

The result

The new strategy and marketing platform and digital efforts were rolled out in 2017, at the same time that Jesper Bach the new CEO joined.

In 2018, TriVision experienced an increase in sales of over 60%. Their order pipeline has significantly increased, and the natural inflow of leads has more than quadrupled. The transformation is not over, but the basis for growth and scalability has increased significantly in the business, and Trivision has increased their internationalization with strong partnerships in Scandinavia, the UK, Benelux, Switzerland and Turkey.


Pushing the boundaries within vision technology


Secure product quality and eliminate production waste

Value Proposition

– Leading industry know-how
– Easy to operate
– Most reliable vision solutions


Vision beyond imagination

Reference movie

”We have been very pleased with the collaboration with Martin Brems and his entire team. Sales are significantly higher than what we have ever seen before. In general, there is a much more proactive sales approach in the company today."

Visual Design

  • Logo design
  • Colors and fonts
  • Branding

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Should we help you as well? Call Martin at +4560257572

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