Through an intensive process, Martin and his team developed a vision, mission and set of values in a very short time. A process that we ourselves had been working on for 1.5 year without reaching the finish line.

Kasper Andersen

CEO & Partner, YOYO Global Freight

The task

As a result of enormous growth, freight forwarding and logistics company YOYO Global Freight needed to define their vision, mission and a unifying set of values for their 2020-2021 strategy.

The set of values had to strengthen cohesiveness amongst all employees globally. The vision and mission had to help define the direction and purpose of the company, and their Value Propositions had to define why someone should choose them as their freight forwarding partner.

What came out of the process were 4 really good values, a vision and a mission that we work with and use every day. We have ended up with a result that we are super happy with.

Kasper Andersen

CEO & Partner, YOYO Global Freight

The strategy

During two very intensive weeks we interviewed selected customers and employees from Denmark, Norway and the US. After analyzing the interviews, the process began with defining the overall vision, mission, market positioning, Value Propositions and set of values.

After just 13 days, the result was presented to the management. As part of the overall strategy, YOYO organized a team building event where the values were used through games and teamwork exercises.

The result

Today, YOYO stands with a clear vision, mission and set of values that are actively used at customer presentations, staff development interviews and new appointments – with great success.

After a successful collaboration, YOYO subsequently chose to collaborate with Brems & Co. on the launch of their new global website and branding film.


Our vision is to create a unique company culture that constantly challenges and sets new standards within the freight forwarding industry


Our mission is to make freight and logistics as easy and convenient as possible


We want to be known for setting new standards for ease and convenience within the freight forwarding industry


– We are Pioneers
– We are Solution Oriented
– We take Responsibility
– We are Friendly


Moving forward together

Branding movie

Visual Design

  • Web design
  • Colors and fonts
  • Branding

Reference movie

During the last few years, we have experienced rapid growth and we have onboarded a lot of people. As a result, we needed to define our define our core values and mission - we had to concretize who we were, and Brems & Co. helped us with that.

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Should we help you as well? Call Martin at +4560257572

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