Brems & Co. have managed to create a deep understanding of both our business and our customers. It has resulted in a really good process and a razor-sharp result.

Kim Sneum Madsen

CEO, Umbraco

The task

Umbraco is the world’s largest Microsoft-based open-source CMS system with over 500,000 solutions worldwide and a web community of over 250,000 people.

Umbraco wanted to offer customers a paid extension to their free open-source software and Brems & Co. was to help validate this new service offering.

Additionally, they wanted to examine how they could be more successful in selling the concept to their partners.

The collaboration with Brems & Co. has super down-to-earth, implementable and professional. You get what you asked for. Good process.

Kim Sneum Madsen

CEO, Umbraco

The strategy

The two tasks were solved through internal workshops and extensive personal interviews with Umbraco’s most important global web partners in the US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

To get the most valid result, the interviews were combined with an online questionnaire answered by 700 worldwide web partners.

The result

Our work resulted in the development of a sharper pricing model, 4 unique Value Propositions, a clearer partner segmentation and a new name for the partner concept: Umbraco Cloud. 

Based on the in-depth qualitative interviews and the online questionnaire, a 160-page report was prepared with 5 overall recommendations for Umbraco Cloud’s continued strategy for increased growth. One of the 5 recommendations addressed the need for clearer differentiation of the concept for partners. Therefore, 3 primary segments were formulated for the Umbraco Cloud concept. Targeted landing pages, flow on the website and concept videos were then developed for each segment. 

This, together with a dedicated and proactive sales effort, has resulted in a 200% growth increase in Umbraco Cloud sales after two years – and the positive development continues.

New name

Umbraco Cloud

Value Proposition

– State-of-the-art all-in-one managed hosting
– Built on the strongest .NET community in the world
– Highest degree of CMS flexibility when developing
– Ensures predictability in projects.

Reference movie

“We have been very satisfied with the collaboration with Martin Brems and his entire team. Sales are significantly higher than what we have ever seen before, and in general there is a much more proactive sales strategy in the company today.”

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Should we help you as well? Call Martin at +4560257572

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