We are very satisfied with our new strategy, name, logo, pay-off and identity. It feels exactly right and matches who we are - and the ambitions we have.

Ole Folmer

CEO, Mobitel

The task

Mobitel wanted to renew their branding, communication and brand awareness after 19 years of collaboration with TDC as TDC Erhvervscenter Odense – with the same products and concepts but without having the TDC name behind them.

It has been a pleasure to work with Martin and his entire team at Brems & Co. They have managed to come up with a concept and a strategy that we are all very happy with and proud of.

Ole Folmer

CEO, Mobitel

The strategy

From the outset of the task, the focus was on getting really close to the people behind the company, the culture, the values and then subsequently the market and the needs of the customers.

In the current business-to-business market, it is extremely difficult to differentiate yourself based on products and services alone.

It is about relationships, and so the strategy and campaign were created by deep insights from customers, partners and the company itself.

Simultaneously, the work with developping a positioning, name and visual identity had begun. They had to communicate that Mobitel was a new, but established, player in the telecom industry.

The result

The obvious direction and positioning quickly became clear, as Mobitel is the only company in the telecom industry that can deliver a total solution. It is completely unique and makes business-to-business telecommunication much simpler for companies. The tangible pay-off “Gør erhvervstelefoni enkelt” became the center of their new branding platform. Today, Mobitel proudly stands with a strong, new visual identity and a name that fits them completely.

Name and Logo

Name & Logo


Our vision is to set new standards within business telecommunication


Our mission is to make business-to-business telecommunication simple and convenient


We want to be known as the ones who make it easy for companies
to handle business-to-business telecommunication

Value Proposition

– Hardware solutions for your needs
– Subscription solutions for your needs
– Service concept for your needs


Gør erhvervstelefoni enkelt

Branding movie

Visual design

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • Branding

Reference film

Our actual position in the market has been quite unique. We have won several bigger projects and found a really good position in the market.

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Should we help you as well? Call Martin at +4560257572

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