We needed external sparring on what our strategy should be. Through workshops with Brems & Co. we arrived at a really good result, and we have a better idea of who we are and what we can offer our customers.

Rasmus Hessum Hansen

Deputy Director, Erhvervshus Fyn

The task

As a result of the merger between Udvikling Fyn and Væksthus Syddanmark, Erhvervshus Fyn wanted to develop a new overall branding and positioning strategy that would ensure a clearer and simpler communication of Erhvervshus Fyn’s role for companies on Funen – including services and position in the market. The purpose was also to strengthen the internal understanding and community amongst the merged Udvikling Fyn and Væksthus Syddanmark.

Brems & Co.’s strength is that they have challenged and simplified our strategy and made our communication sharper and easier to understand - they have also continuously validated the strategy and messages with clients and employees.

Niels-Erik Haug-Larsen

Director, Erhvervshus Fyn

The Strategy

The first part of the process began with desk-research of existing analyses, briefs and focus group videos from previous years.

Additionally, we conducted extensive qualitative interviews with employees and the management of Erhvervshus Fyn.

Then, we conducted a series of internal workshops with the project group about the branding and positioning strategy.

The result was then validated with qualitative interviews of both existing and potential customers from different segments.

The new strategy was presented at a large-scale employee kick-off in August 2019, where approximately 100 employees worked with their respective teams on concrete ways to use the vision and mission in their respective departments.

The result

The vision, mission, positioning and Value Propositions were launched at the end of 2019, and are now actively being used in the market-positioning-process and promotion of a new and united Erhvervshus Fyn.

The successful collaboration has prompted Erhvervshus Fyn to subsequently use Brems and Co. for several different tasks.


Our vision is to make Funen the most obvious place in the world to run and develop profitable and sustainable business


Our mission is to help Funen’s companies accelerate growth and create sustainable business


We want to be known as the ones who help Funen companies accelerate their growth

Value Proposition

– Access to sparring from experienced specialists
– Financing opportunities
– Cluster collaborations


We help you move on

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”The collaboration with Brems & Co. has been really good. It is always the customer's perspective and not the internal perspective that is at the center which means that we today have very clear messages and value propositions in relation to our customers.”

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