Danish agency to help world-famous brand with sustainable strategy in Europe

Most people who have seen the American Netflix series House Of Cards are also familiar with the beautiful handmade wooden rowing machine WaterRower from the company of the same name. WaterRower’s German sister company NOHrD produces other high-quality wooden fitness products such as bicycles, treadmills and strength training machines – in addition to selling WaterRower in Europe.

Brems & Co. will help both brands develop their sustainable marketing strategy in Northern Europe.

By Christine Nyby Seligmann, Brems & Co., 6. January 2021

Sharper business and communication strategy

WaterRower is a global Boston-owned fitness brand that has existed since 1988. The company is constantly growing and their handmade wood products are sold worldwide. Richard Kelly, the owner of WaterRower Scandinavia, has sold WaterRower rowing machines to the Nordic countries since 2014. In the autumn of 2019, he entered into a collaboration with Brems & Co. with the goal of developing a sustainable marketing strategy for the Scandinavian market.

Richard Kelly has long been driven by a desire to create a strong common sustainable mindset for all WaterRower branches worldwide. It was therefore also Richard who, at a global sales meeting in Boston a few years ago, suggested that WaterRower should develop a global sustainable marketing strategy. Subsequently, he was given the green light to bring the WaterRower countries together for a joint strategy project focusing on sustainability.

The focus is initially on Europe, where the task is to focus attention on a sustainable marketing strategy for the WaterRower brand – but also for the sister brand NOHrD, in close collaboration with WaterRower Scandinavia, WaterRower GmbH, which covers the DACH region, WaterRower UK and WaterRower France. The two brands are already making many good sustainable initiatives, but they need help expanding them and sharpening their business and communication strategy – and that is what Brems & Co. is here to help with.

Sustainable marketing strategy is a necessity for all businesses

Sustainability is a determining factor in the survivability of companies – not just a fancy PR trend. As such, it is alpha and omega that companies make up their minds about their sustainable profile.

The task for Brems & Co. will therefore first and foremost consist of guiding the company in a stronger sustainable direction – both in relation to business and communication. Brems & Co. will develop a sustainable marketing strategy through a number of internal workshops and qualitative interviews with retailers, fitness centers and hotels, combined with online questionnaires filled out by consumers in Northern Europe.

Amongst other things, Brems & Co. has to find out which of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals the company can focus on, and what the company can do differently in terms of its communication, products, services and business model. The collaboration’s focus on sustainability will create the framework for WaterRower’s vision, mission, value propositions and brand positioning for their brands: WaterRower and NOHrD.

Martin Brems, founder and strategic advisor at Brems & Co, states that:

“The good thing about WaterRower and NOHrD is that they are already taking many sustainable initiatives, and amongst other things work with solar energy and a greener production. We look forward to challenging them on where they stand today and to working together on figuring out which sustainable marketing strategy to focus on. It is a really exciting international task for a strong brand, and we are very much looking forward to the collaboration.”

Brems & Co. creates sustainable brands

Brems & Co. helps companies think sustainability into their business and communications strategy. Based on over 100+ customer projects over the last 6 years, the company has developed The Strategy Method, which is a 12-step method that aims to create strong sustainable brands that make a difference. Read more at www.brems.dk

Brems & Co. is founded by Martin Brems who is a former marketing manager for Netcompany, Account Executive at agencies in Copenhagen and Odense and part of management at LEGO’s innovation department Future Lab.

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