Stand together and create valuable relationships

The corona crisis has caused many losses around the world. Several companies have taken a huge financial loss and more could end up going bankrupt. To avoid this situation, many have spent this time thinking about new possibilities instead of challenges, and that has resulted in amazing nation-wide communities across companies.

By Christine Seligmann, Junior Consultant, Brems & Co., March 31, 2020

Denmark is in lockdown and the coronavirus is upon us. Some people work from home, others are sick or in quarantine. The government and healthcare sector are working intensely on getting Denmark through the crisis. Personality, I now have more time than ever before. All events have been cancelled and fitness centers, restaurants, bars and schools are closed. My normally busy everyday life has been turned upside down. What should have been a time of writing my thesis, lots of work and having a ton of social events has turned out to be the opposite and the word “time” has gotten a whole new meaning.

Even though the coronavirus threatens both human life, companies and brands, it has also given us time to reflect. Time to reflect upon new ways of being together #togetherseparately (#sammenhverforsig), time to reflect upon new ways of doing business and time to reflect upon new ways of strengthening your brand. The crisis has given us time to reflect upon how we as a company can survive and get through to the other side unscathed.¨

Everybody has the same goal – to survive the corona crisis. Crisis can bring out the worst and the best in us people, but Denmark has, in my opinion, showed itself from its best side. It has given us time to rethink the way we cooperate, and a unique community has blossomed throughout all industries. Companies help each other stand together in the fight for survival.

”We believe that the power of friendliness can spread faster than the power of corona”.

That is what IT-company Umbraco writes. They believe that it will be easier to get through the crisis if we help each other. They have bought a number of ads in ‘Avisen Danmark’ with the headline “Sharing is Caring”, because they want to support the free Danish press which is experiencing a decrease in ad-revenue.

Umbraco is far from the only one showing solicitude. Their belief that friendliness spreads faster than the power of corona can be seen as an optimistic mindset, but community and friendliness does spread. And it’s spreading fast. Extraordinary and inspiring initiatives have been launched across the country, and it is impressive how local and global companies support each other and find ways in which they can get through the crisis – together.

A distillery in Nyborg is converting their production to alcohol for disinfection, where various breweries such as Ørbæk Bryggeri and Carlsberg are supplying the raw materials, and Odense-based company Envases recently donated 1000 liters of hand sanitizer to OUH. Food bloggers Gastromand & Madsvin are working together with Royal Beer to help the restaurant industry with their nation-wide initiative “spis ude hjemme”. The Michelin-restaurant Alchemist is closed, but head chef Rasmus Munk has, I collaboration with Lars Serier, started the project “JunkFood” which provides homeless people in Copenhagen with nutritious food. Non-profit company CoronaTech encourages people to come up with tangible solutions to the COVID-19 situation, while the City of Odense has launched ‘Together for Odense’ – an initiative that recreates the city’s business life online, and includes restaurants, cultural institutions and local service companies.

There are several examples of how we humans have done our best to help each other across the country, and both marketing agencies, consulting firms and tech companies are offering their help and advice on how to keep the wheels turning.A place where the sharing of knowledge is gathered is in the ‘Corona-affected Network Group’. The group was founded on Facebook by Gitte Grønning, owner and director of ‘’ and consulting company ‘Grønning & Co.’, when the crisis hit Denmark. For the past few years, she has had a desire to establish an untraditional network on a digital platform where people could meet, spar and share their knowledge with each other. The COVID-19 situation has had huge consequences for many, but for Gitte it has been an eye opener and a “wake up call” for her to start realizing her dream:

“The world might be at a standstill right now, but then we have to think out of the box. We can’t just sit and wait for the aid package."

In just a few weeks, the network has gained over 350 members, and as Gitte says: “it is infectious – in a positive way”. Positivity is exactly what the group is founded on. The network group is full of good stories, good karma and sharing of knowledge on a high-level. It is the members who are responsible for the growth, as Gitte herself expresses: “Everything we have succeeded in is not me. It’s everyone else in the group”. Gitte believes that if you give something of yourself on a human level, it will come back tenfold. The relationships in the group have already started to grow and, the network will be useful in the future, because members will know who to contact for sparring, learning and inspiration.

The flourishing communities can help companies, both large and small, with more than just surviving the corona crisis. If you management to get through the crisis unscathed, you can come out stronger on the other side.

Good advice for getting through the crisis

1. Invest in ‘valuable relationships’:
Make your help available and give something of yourself. What you give will probably come back.

2. Focus on opportunities instead of challenges:
Take the time to look at what opportunities you have to strengthen your business and your brand. Maybe the solution could be a collaboration with another company or the development of a new product?

3. Stay close to your customers
Get out, get online. Businesses should invest in their online distribution channels so that they can still deliver their solutions, service and products to their customers.

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