Successful entrepreneur cultivates his Odense roots

On Thursday 27 April, entrepreneur Martin Brems opens the doors for the large-scale DigitalOdense17 conference in Odeon. But who is he really?

By Rasmus Lundberg, Fyens Stiftstidende, 26 April 2017

An entrepreneur with faith in his own abilities, full speed ahead and self-awareness enough to turn off the phone when the family calls.

It is the unreasonably short, but not incorrect presentation of who Martin Brems is.
The 42-year-old entrepreneur, who was born in Assens and grew up in Bellinge, started his first business at the university. Here he made websites and graphic designs for his friends and in that way got the hang of something he liked.

– I have always dreamed of becoming self-employed, and during my studies, when I made Brems Interactive, I could clearly also feel that it got me. But I also knew that I had to go out into reality and learn something and gain some experience before I really created my own, says Martin Brems.

And out into the world he came. Martin Brems’ CV includes senior positions in the consulting company Netcompany, the advertising agency Nørgaard Mikkelsen and not least LEGO.

– Working in LEGO’s innovation department was a boy’s dream, and after three years with them, I felt ready to take the leap into my own, says the idea man.

When Martin Brems today does not run his marketing agency Brems & Co., plans DigitalOdense or is the father of two daughters, he must occasionally relax.
And at the moment, he has found a whimsical occupation that nicely complements the two weekly trips to the gym.

– It may sound a little strange, but the other day I came out in the garden and collected weeds. It was very comfortable and in fact almost completely therapeutic. I am not a classic gardener, but getting out into nature, also like with my children and my wife, means a lot to me.

As far as the business focus is concerned, Odense has first priority for Martin Brems. For it is in the neighborhood that he feels he can really make a difference.

– I have noticed in a quote that Margaret Thatcher’s father said to her. He said:

“Make your life matter,” and I can see myself in that. For what drives me in relation to DigitalOdense is not money, but the hope of creating a community and making a great event for Odense, which hopefully makes a difference for the city, he says.

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