9 September 2021

New business models require a new marketing approach

Even though we are truly tired of talking about the Corona Virus and what it has caused – and causes – for our lives, we must admit that the world has changed almost overnight.…

13 May 2021

The 5-year plan is dead – what now?

You can’t develop your strategy as you usually do in 2021 - and Covid-19 is (unfortunately) a good example of why. Here are 5 suggestions of what you can do instead.

23 February 2021

Sustainability has to be the core of COVID-19 recovery

Temperature swings, irresponsible production and economic downturn. Sustainability has been on the agenda for years, but things have changed during the pandemic. Even though novel…

24 June 2020

Brands need to be more human

If one good thing has come from the COVID-19 crisis, it would be that it has given us time and peace to reflect on what it means to be human and part of a family.

23 March 2020

The COVID-19 situation: Stand together and create valuable relationships

The corona crisis has caused many losses around the world. Several companies have taken a huge financial loss and more could end up going bankrupt.

22 December 2019

5 good tips for strategic work with sustainability

We have gathered the 5 most important tips on how you can use sustainability in your strategic work.

17 December 2018

Look towards China or you may be scooped

In September, I was on a week-long tech study trip to China, specifically Shanghai, and the experience confirmed to me that China is seriously on its way to becoming a powerhouse…

21 November 2018

Social responsible NOW or never…

Once a year, the world's largest tech conference for start-ups and entrepreneurs, WebSummit, is held in Lisbon over 3 days, with over 70,000 participants from all over the world.

21 August 2017

Bots are going to change our digital behavior

The big topic this year at one of the world's largest digital conferences, SXSW in Austin, Texas, was the use and development of artificial intelligence also called AI or Machine…