Young agency is successful with new type of concept in the industry

Martin Brems, former Nørgård Mikkelsen advertising agency and LEGO’s innovation department, continues the massive customer influx with the strategic marketing agency Brems & amp; Co., which he started a little over 2 years ago. More than 35 customers – both Danish and international – have joined – and this is largely due to the demand for something new in the market, he believes.

– Over 2 years ago, I thought that the market lacked an agency that could think both strategically, analytically and in real communication. There were either the analysis agencies or the pure consulting firms, which were skilled primarily in the quantitative customer analyzes – and then there were the advertising agencies, which were skilled at thinking in communication and creative campaigns. But there was no one – or few – who could combine it.

After 2 years it is proven. Customers such as e-conomic, Tytex, Micro Matic and Umbraco, have all used Brems & Co. in precisely this field of tension.

The latter, the globally growing CMS platform Umbraco, has recently used Brems & Co. for the development of a new Value Proposition and adaptation of the business model. A process with the development of both new pricing models and an overall communication platform. And with great success.

– As part of our great hunger to expand our product and service, we wanted a thorough validation of our current services, products and pricing models for our segments as well as to develop a clear and overall unique Value Proposition, says Chief Friend Maker at Umbraco , Kim Sneum Madsen.

– Through workshops, partner interviews and questionnaire surveys with Brems & Co., we have now become much clearer – in fact crystal clear – on what is unique about our service. The focal point of our services and communications has become “The Friendly CMS” – underpinned by four unique features of Umbraco. That we have reached a result that we and our customers are happy with – is to a large extent Brems & Co.’s profit, carried through by Martin’s deep understanding of both the business and the communication, he continues.

Martin Brems is of course happy with the success, and over having apparently found a “hole” in the market. He does not execute traditional campaigns. He leaves it to the customer’s advertising or web agency. Often in collaboration and where they are on the sidelines.

– I experience that companies want to be provoked and challenged more in the interaction between their business and their communication. The companies need a more objective and strategic sparring partner here, who does not necessarily have a lot of free creative hours or development hours to have sold, he concludes.