Great to see Mads Nipper work with sustainability

Martin Brems left LEGO to throw himself into the marketing industry, and today he is self-employed with the strategy and marketing agency Brems & Co.

By Jens Bertelsen, Børsen., 27 August 2018

The first thing I read in the morning

I always start by checking for new e-mails and especially and Børsen with this morning’s news overview – then TV 2’s news app. And a brief look at social media notifications.

I listen to this

I often listen to P1 Public Service from kl. 10-11, where I myself have the great pleasure of being on the panel once or twice a month. On my running or cycling trips, I listen to podcasts, a lot of Elektronista about all the latest in tech – but also others in tech and marketing.

I watch this when I want to be entertained

I’m a bit of a movie and series nerd, but I’m also into documentaries and use Netflix a lot, though mostly during the dark winter months.

I follow them

Fast Company, Wired and Harward Business Review. Ideo founders Tim Brown, Martin Lindstrøm and Mads Nipper I keep a special eye on. Last-mentioned I worked with in Lego, and it is fantastic to see Mads and Grundfos work so visibly and visionarily in promoting sustainability.

I'm reading that

I have finally read “Stå fast” by Svend Brinkmann. It is a fantastic book about standing firm in an accelerating self-development culture, where Brinkmann – with a twinkle in his eye – encourages to put on the no-hat more and not always jump on the latest wave. The book has inspired me to make some important strategic decisions in my own businesses.

I experience that

In Odense and on Funen, there has been a giant boom in cultural experiences, so you hardly have to drive outside the island. The new exciting Heartland Festival, Tinderbox, HCA festivals, Spis Odense Food Festival and Odense Sommerrevy are just some of the successes that I also actively participate in.

Favorite app

I use Linkedin several times a day to get inspired and create new relationships.

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