Tech Town Odense

BoligGruppen launches Tech Town Odense: Odense’s answer to “Kødbyen” in Copenhagen – for tech companies. Brems & Co. has been responsible for the strategy and campaign concept.

A “Kødby” or “SOHO” for tech companies

The vision for Tech Town Odense is to create a nationally recognized tech area that provides the right setting for regional Scale-Up tech-companies to become international successes. The vision and the new collaboration have been developed in close cooperation with the area’s “Tænketank” (Tænketanken Nexus), which includes several prominent business personalities in Odense. Behind the concept and campaign, which will launch on the 7th of May, is Brems & Co. with Martin Brems at the head.

Tenants and employees should feel at home when at work. BoligGruppen will make this happen by having a cozy staff café, lounge environments and bright and raw interiors. Between the buildings, there will be a green open space, bike paths and the opportunity for outdoor activites.

A number of commercial properties on Stærmosegårdsvej, Billedskærervej and Klokkestøbervej form the framework for the new community, which will go under the name “Tech Town Odense” – Home for tech stars. Tech Town Odense will therefore consist of a cluster of architecturally diverse commercial properties, including some new properties of which the construction of the first 2,600 m2 office property has begun. This office property has been designed by Tegnestuen Mejeriet and will open up for occupancy in the spring of 2020.

Tech Town Odense currently comprises 4 leased properties with a total of 16 tenants, and the area will be expanded with 2-3 new properties.

Tech Town Odense will continuously be supplemented with various services and collaborations, which will be developed and created in collaboration with e.g., “Tænketanken Nexus” and the tenants themselves. It is our expectation that together we will create an area with a strong identity and a dynamic home for tech companies.

Video about Tech Town Odense