6 January 2021

Sustainable marketing strategy for world-famous fitness brand

Most people who have seen the American Netflix series House Of Cards are also familiar with the beautiful handmade wooden rowing machine WaterRower from the company of the same…

5 October 2020

Sports stars and directors throw themselves in the sand at beach volley

Olympic gold winner, bank director, and business owner. These are some of the titles of the members of a networking group that meets early in the morning to play beach volley.…

1 May 2020

Brems & Co. is heading the launch of a new telecommunication company

Mobitel wanted to renew their branding, communication and brand awareness after 19 years of collaboration with TDC as TDC Erhvervscenter Odense – with the same products and…

2 October 2019

Sustainability is more than just being green

Strategic adviser Martin Brems states that sustainability is something all companies must make up their minds about and if they don’t, they will discarded. Doing sustainable…

2 May 2019

Micro Technic: Our sensors collect data for AI

Aarup-based company Micro Technic produces a type of electronics that will never be under the Christmas tree. It is the type of electronics that is used in industry and in public…

27 August 2018

Great to see Mads Nipper work with sustainability

Martin Brems left LEGO to throw himself into the marketing industry, and today he is self-employed with the strategy and marketing agency Brems & Co.

26 April 2017

Successful entrepreneur cultivates his Odense roots

On Thursday 27 April, entrepreneur Martin Brems opens the doors for the large-scale DigitalOdense17 conference in Odeon. But who is he really?

7 September 2016

Young agency is successful with new type of concept in the industry

Martin Brems, former Nørgård Mikkelsen advertising agency and LEGO’s innovation department, continues the massive customer influx with the strategic marketing agency Brems & Co.,…

14 January 2015

Former Lego marketer has gained momentum with new type of agency

Martin Brems, 40 years old, former contact manager at Nørgård Mikkelsen advertising agency and Senior Marketing Manager in LEGO's innovation department, has gotten off to a good…